torsdag, september 11, 2008

Inför nästa 11 september....

Ett varningsord från Daily Telegraph med
anledning av dagen:
Next US terror attack 'could be by white
Americans or Europeans'
US intelligence officials increasingly fear that
the next terror attack on the United States
will be carried out by white Americans or
As Barack Obama and John McCain head to
New York's Ground Zero seven years after
19 Middle-Eastern hijackers brought devastation
to the US mainland, counter-terrorism experts
believe that any future attack will be made by
terrorists with an "American face".
They point to reports of white faces in terrorism
training camps in Pakistan - the so-called "white
men of Waziristan", a reference to the remote
tribal area where both al-Qaeda and the
Taliban have bases.
Experts believe that dozens of westerners have
undergone such training as their leaders try
to recruit non-Middle Eastern Asians, particularly
ethnic Caucasians, who are less likely to attract
the attention of security and law enforcement agencies.
Terrorism experts say such a threat has been
known about even before the arrest of Richard
Reid, the British shoe bomber. However, it was
not until three weeks ago that a US official explicitly
admitted that the government knew of such people
being trained in significant numbers.
In a little reported speech, Ted Gistaro, the US
national intelligence officer for transnational threats,
said that al-Qaeda was training and "positioning"
its operatives for attacks in the West, probably
including the US.
He added: "These operatives include North American
and European citizens, and legal residents with
passports that allow them to travel to the United
States without a US visa."

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