fredag, juni 13, 2008

Brittiska konvertiter ökar risken för självmordsbomber

Global Terrorism Analysis konstaterar
att det ökande antalet extremistiska
konvertiter påtagligt ökat risken för
nya självmordsbomber i Storbritannien.
"Until recently, the idea of white British converts
to Islam carrying out suicide bomb attacks in
towns in England’s quiet, rural southwest would
have been dismissed as fiction or fantasy.
However, in the last two months two such
attempts appear to have failed. In April,
police raided a teenaged convert’s flat in
Bristol, finding two suicide-bomb vests
under construction. Just over a month
later, in May, another young convert was
arrested after he unsuccessfully attempted
to detonate three bombs in a crowded
restaurant in Exeter, Devon. In the same
month, a court in London found another
white English convert guilty of inciting
terrorism. An examination of the three
individuals illustrates several important
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