lördag, maj 03, 2014

EU och badvattnet...

Vännen Fjordman kommenterar det kommande
Europavalet i den långa berättelsen
The Eurabia Code
"I think that the European Union,
like the Soviet Union, cannot be
democratized," says Vladimir Bukovksy.
"There will be a collapse of the European
Union pretty much like the Soviet Union collapsed.
But do not forget that when these things
collapse they leave such devastation that it
takes a generation to recover.(...)
 Look to the huge number of mmigrants from Third
World countries now living in urope. This was promoted
by the European Union. What will happen with them if
there is an economic collapse? We will probably have,
like in the Soviet Union at the end, so much ethnic
strife that the mind boggles."
In their book about the EU, Richard North and Christopher
Booker conclude: "The project Monnet had set on its way
was a vast, ramshackle, self-deluding monster: partly
suffocating in its own bureaucracy; partly a corrupt racket
The one thing above all the project could never be,
because by definition it had never been intended to
be, was in the remotest sense democratic."
They believe the EU is doomed and will "leave a terrible
devastation behind it, a wasteland from which it would
take many years for the peoples of Europe to emerge."
I understand concerns that the destruction of the EU
could cause "instability" in Europe. It will. But we will
probably end up with "instability" anyway, given the
number of Muslims the EUrabians have let in.
The choice is between a period of painful years in
which most of Europe prevails, and death, where E
urope simply ceases to exist as a Western cultural
Some would hope that we could keep the "positive"
aspects of the EU and not "throw out the baby with
the bath water." I beg to differ.
The EU is all bath water, no baby.
There never was a baby, just a truckload of
overpaid babysitters.
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