torsdag, juni 19, 2008

En konvertit på dödslistan

Ni minns säkert den italienske journalisten
Magdi Allam som konverterade från islam
till kristendomen och döptes av Påven under
årets påskmässa. Inte oväntat står han nu
högt på islamisternas dödslista.
Magdi Allam, the Christian convert targeted
by Islamist death threats, has expressed
concern about the danger he faces and fears
that the perpetrators may be Italian.
"I find it extremely worrying that today
we can find internet sites, full of al-Qaeda-
inspired thought in Italian language, giving
support to Bin Laden's terrorism,"
said Allam in an interview with Adnkronos
International (AKI) on Wednesday.Allam
is an Egyptian-born writer and deputy editor
of Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera,
who converted from Islam to Roman Catholicism
in a highly publicised Easter service conducted
by Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican in April.
"I find this serious because the writers of these
sites are most likely Italians," Allam told AKI.
"I think that this incident should make us
understand that Italy has reached a higher and
more advanced phase of Islamic terrorism,
radicalism and extremism, as it occurred in
Great Britain, France, Holland, Germany and
"I consider these extremists and foreign Islamic
terrorists even more dangerous because they
do not have a real grounding in the linguistic,
social and cultural aspects of our country."
In a book entitled, Long Live Israel, Allam said
"the root of evil is innate in an Islam that is
physiologically violent and historically conflictual."