måndag, september 29, 2008

"Facing Jihad" samlas i Israel

Ett trettiotal europeiska parlamentariker
samlas i Jerusalem i december under mottot
FACING JIHAD - A Lawmakers Summit 2008
Inbjudare är läkaren och ex-generalen Arieh
(IsraelNN.com) Knesset Member
Arieh Eldad (National Union- National
Religious Party) announced Wednesday
that he will be hosting a convention in
Jerusalem under the banner,
"Standing Up to Jihad."
The right-wing MK told reporters Wednesday
morning that the anti-jihad conference will be
held in December and will be attended by some
30 European lawmakers from Denmark, Italy,
Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland and Britain.
"There are 60 million Muslim immigrants in Europe,
and they have not necessarily come there to be
assimilated into society, but rather to resist it
from the inside. The feeling in Europe is that the
time has come to stop jihadist Islam, and this may
be the last opportunity," he explained.
Det finns inget samband mellan parlamentariker-
konferensen och israeliska regeringens beslut
att inrätta ett Anti-Jihad Forum. Eller....