tisdag, september 16, 2008

Kraftig reaktion på shariadomstolarna

har väckt en veritabel opinionsstorm. Hittills har
ingen berömt regeringen för deras beslut att införa
den islamistiska lagstiftningen i landet.....
Ett axplock mediareaktioner:
(Daily Mail)
By Matthew Hickley Islamic sharia law courts in Britain
are exploiting a little-known legal clause to make their
verdicts officially binding under UK law in ...
(Daily News & Analysis)
LONDON: Even as the debate over whether
Sharia courts should be allowed in Britain
continues, a network of courts based on
Islamic law already exists in the ...
By Jason Beattie 15/09/2008
Some Muslim communities already use the
Islamic courts to settle civil disputes, such
as domestic violence, ...
(The Sun)
These range from divorce and financial
disputes to domestic violence. But furious
Tories said the step “pandered to Islamic extremists”. ...
(United Press International)
LONDON, Sept. 14 (UPI) -- The British
government has quietly allowed the
decisions of a network of advisory Muslim
courts to be legally enforced...
Det är nästan onödigt att påpeka:
Ingen svensk tidning har uppmärk-
sammat vad som hänt i Storbritannien.....