torsdag, september 04, 2008

Anti-Israel, anti-zionism, antisemitism.....

Den brittiske sociologen David Hirsh har länge
bekämpat olika antisemitiska strömningar, bl a
de akademiska "bojkotta Israel"-kampanjerna.
Mest känd har han blivit för sitt forum ENGAGE.
Nu har han sammanställt en rapport med den
spännande titeln
Hirsh presenterar rapportens syfte som

The hypothesis that this work takes seriously is
the suggestion that, if an anti-Zionist worldview
becomes widespread, then one likely outcome is
the emergence of openly antisemitic movements.
The proposition is not that anti-Zionism is motivated
by antisemitism; rather that anti-Zionism, which
does not start as antisemitism, normalizes
hostility to Israel and then to Jews.
It is this hostility to Israel and then to Jews, a hostility
which gains some of its strength from justified anger
with Israeli human rights abuses, that is on the verge
of becoming something which many people now find
understandable, even respectable.
It is moving into the mainstream.