måndag, oktober 27, 2008

Brödraskapets miljarder skapar oro i Mellanöstern

Vi har haft anledning att behandla Muslimska
Brödraskapets ekonomiska imperium tidigare.
Deras banker och deras stora off-shorenätverk.
Nu avslöjar den arabiska Londontidningen
Asharq Al-Awsat att de t o m lyckades få den
egyptiska börsen i gungning för två år sedan.
MB "bestraffade" ett av de egyptiska myndig-
heternas oregelbundna tillslag genom att snabbt
sälja ut aktier för miljardbelopp. Tillräckligt för
att driva en liten och svag börs till kollaps......
Tidningen räknar upp ett stort antal ledande
egyptiska finansmän, som är MB-islamister.
With the heightened speculation by reason of
these accusations, the situation took on a
new dimension in the form of a rumor
alleging that roughly 21 billion Egyptian
Pounds (LE) have been withdrawn from
the Egyptian stock exchange following the
closure of companies and publishing houses
owned by the detained members of the MB,
which may lead to the collapse of the Egyptian
stock exchange. Despite the Egyptian Capital
Market Authority’s (CMA) haste to dispel these
claims, affirming the stability of the stock market,
questions and fears have surrounded the size of
the Brotherhood’s investments and the extent
of their influence on the Egyptian stock exchange.
But questions remain: Who are the businessmen
among the Brotherhood and what is their position
in the stock market? Do they fund the group or
are they only affiliated to it? Will the detention
of these members affect the sources of funding?
The most important question, however, is
related to the government’s shift in strategy
towards striking the group’s economic entities
and arresting its businessmen – has the state
come to the realization that the MB’s businessmen
have come to wield an important financial and
political influence on the street in favor of the
organization so that it must be immediately
confronted, especially since the group’s huge
financial expenditures are what has fortified
against the government’s attempts to quell it
all this time? And will the detention of these
members detrimentally affect and weaken
the group?
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