lördag, oktober 25, 2008

Barnamördare lovar mera terror

Den islamistiske barnamördaren Samir
"Monstret" Kuntar utlovar mycket mera
terror. Tillsammans med sina vänner i
Hizballah planerar han nu nya illdåd
mot Israel:
Three months after being released from an Israeli
jail in a prisoner swap, Lebanese terrorist and child-
killer Samir Kuntar said he was more than ever
committed to working to wipe the Jewish state
off the map, AFP reported on Thursday.
"As long as there is something called Israel in this
region, the resistance must continue ... and I am
totally committed to the resistance," Kuntar, 46,
told AFP.
"I am ready to take part in any resistance mission."
Described as a monster in Israel where he was
convicted for killing Danny Haran, his four-year-
old daughter Einat and an Israeli policeman in
a notorious attack in Nahariya nearly three
decades ago, Kuntar is considered a hero by
many in Lebanon, where he was given a red
carpet welcome upon his release in July. He
said he now spends his time mostly in meetings
related to Hizbullah activity and was convinced
that Israel was preparing a major attack against
"They don't realize what we have in store for them,"
he said, sitting in a seaside apartment on the
outskirts of Beirut filled with medals, honorary
plaques and pictures of Hizbullah leader Hassan
Nasrallah, a man he says he idolizes.
"Israel is going to suffer great losses and they
will lose for sure," he added.
"The idea that Israel is an invincible, secure state
has become a myth."