lördag, oktober 25, 2008

Polisen stoppar Metroattentat i Paris

Polisen stoppade i sista stund ett
islamistiskt bombattentat mot
Metron i Paris.
Den jihadistiska gruppen Ansar
al-Fath greps 2005. I torsdags
dömdes dess nio medlemmar till
långa fängelsestraff. Ligaledaren
Safe Bourada fick 15 år.
PARIS (AP) — A Paris criminal court
convicted nine people on Thursday
including a French-Algerian former
prison inmate who admitted establishing
an Islamic group that called for armed
jihad in France.
Safe Bourada, 38, was sentenced to 15
years in prison while eight others
received penalties of one to nine years
on charges linked to financing of and
association with a terror group.
Bourada admitted in court to creating
a militant group called "Ansar al-Fath,"
or Partisans of Victory. The group was
suspected of planning attacks on the Paris
Metro and Orly airport. It was dismantled
in 2005 after French authorities received
a tip from Algerian counterparts.
In 2005, Christophe Chaboud, head of the
counterterrorism unit of the national police,
told The Associated Press that the group
had had "indirect" contacts with Iraq's
former al-Qaida leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi,
who was killed in a U.S. airstrike in June
2006 in Diyala province.