tisdag, januari 25, 2011

Myten om islamofobi och det verkliga hotet...

I Storbritannien har baronessan Sayeeda

Hussein Warsi i Överhuset, vice ordförande

i Konservativa partiet, klagat över ”islamofobin”

i samhället. Bloggaren Sultan Knish replikerar:

Det stora problemet är inte den fiktiva ”islamofobin”,

utan att 40 % av landets muslimer önskar införa

sharia som landets lag; att 10 % stöder 7/7-bombarna

och 13 % Al Qaeda. Vidare att 40 % tror att 11

september var en judisk konspiration, att 62 % inte

vill bevara yttrandefriheten, att 68 % anser att

författare och konstnärer som ”förolämpar islam”

ska gripas och dömas samt att 36 % tycker att

muslimer som lämnar islam ska dömas till döden….


And that's why there'll be lots of talk of Islamophobia,

but none of Anglophobia. There is a reason why

Islamophobia goes around the dinner table like bad

curry, it's the same reason that Hinduphobia and

Sikhphobia don't.

The UK has sizable Hindu and Sikh populations, but

they don't chop off heads, plant bombs, groom little

native girls for the sex trade, curse at soldiers or

trumpet that they plan to take over the country and

implement beheadings for anyone who leaves their

mad cult.


The British teenager of tomorrow is named

Mohammed,and he takes his inspiration not

from the Magna Carta, but the Koran.

His hero is not Winston Churchill or Oliver

Cromwell, but that bloody butcher of men

and raper of women and little girls, the Islamic

prophet Mohammed.

When he plays video games, he imagines that

the men he's killing are the soldiers returning

home from fighting against teenagers just like

him Iraq or Afghanistan.

Sooner or later, he dreams of being to do the

same thing.

He thinks of British girls as whores, of English

culture as corrupt and worthless, and feels

he owes no obedience to its laws or its

government. The word 'Islamophobia'makes

him chuckle. He likes the idea that the natives

are afraid of him. "They should be," he thinks.

They should be indeed.


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