onsdag, januari 12, 2011

"Vi måste halshugga frihet, demokrati och kapitalism..."

De extrema salafisterna i Stor-
britannien höll på nyåret en
Islamic Awakening Conference.
Och nog borde den få resten av
samhället att vakna....
Konferensen hölls på det käcka

“We need to behead democracy

from its roots. We need to be-

head freedom from its roots.

We need to behead Capitalism

from its roots. …

We should attack their system

every day… We should destroy

all their system and replace it

with Islam.”


Abu Mounisa är en ny hat-

predikant på uppåtgående

i jihadistkretsarna.

Han skräder inte orden:


Här är ett utdrag ur hans "predikan":

When we talk about da'wa [call for Islam],

don't ever think, my brothers and sisters,

that our da'wa is only to address a few

people on the streets, and call them to

Islam. Our da'wa should be the da'wa

that attacks their system, and we replace

it with Islam.

We want the whole society to make

sujud (kneeling) to Allah. This is the

da'wa of the Prophet Muhammad.

This is our da'wa, my dear

brothers and sisters. [...]
"If you carry your da'wa stall, and you stand

there, just inviting people to Islam, like

[cleric] Zakir Naik [does], do you think that

is going to change society? ....

You need to provoke society for society

to be changed.

"Also, my dear brothers, what we need to

understand is that when the Prophet

Muhammad was inside Mecca, there were

360 idols in Mecca at that time.

Today, people don't worship physical idols. ...
"I have Come to Destroy Your Gods"
"... When Allah gave the Prophet Muhammad

victory inside Mecca, he went to the Kaaba

and destroyed all 360 gods inside it.

But do you know what? He never stopped

there. Do you know what he did? He went to

the areas of [the idols] Lat, Uzzat, and Manat...

He went inside these areas, and he asked the

people: Where is Uzzat, where is Manat?

He went and destroyed them, killed

them, chopped their heads off, beheaded

them. That is why, my dear brothers, we

need to behead democracy from its roots..