torsdag, januari 06, 2011

Islamistisk terrorism är global

som greps i Köpenhamn precis innan
de skulle göra ett angrepp "á la
Bombay" mot Jyllands-Postens
redaktion på Rådhusplatsen, har
kopplingar till två terrorister som
nyligen greps i engelska Derby.
Via dem också till Ilyas Kashmiri, en
av Al Qaedas mest fruktade terror-

Daily Telegraph berättar:

The Kashmiri network in Derby was

uncovered by MI5 when David Coleman

Headley, an American working with

Kashmiri, travelled to Britain in August

2009 to meet two men who were to

help him with an attack on the Danish


They, in turn, sent him to meet a contact

called “Farid” in Sweden, a businessman

of North African origin living in an apartment

in central Stockholm.

Farid apparently told Headley he could not

help because he was being “continuously

watched,” according to a later interrogation

of Headley.


Headley was arrested in October 2009 after

a tip off to the Americans from MI5 and

has pleaded guilty to planning the attacks

on the Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

The plan was called the “Micky Mouse

Project” because the attack was in revenge

for cartoons portraying the Prophet



Pakistanen "David Headleys" verkliga namn

är Daood Gilani.

Han använde sitt amerikansk-

klingande täcknamn för att kunna resa

och rekognocera i bl a Danmark

mera omärkligt.

Det var Gilani som bl a planlade en

attack på Stora Synagogan i Köpenhamn.


Ilyas Kashmiri, one of the world’s

most wanted terrorists, sent an

associate to Britain to meet two

men from Derby in August 2009,

security sources have told the

Daily Telegraph.

The British contacts were supposed

to assist the associate, a US citizen

called David Coleman Headley, with

plans for a truck-bomb attack on the

Danish newspaper behind cartoons

of the Prophet Mohammed.


Kashmiri said contacts in Europe would

provide “money, weapons and manpower”

for Headley, according to US documents,

although none materialised.

It is feared the network has now been

re-tasked to support Kashmiri’s plans

for Mumbai-style attacks in Europe.

Intelligence suggesting Kashmiri boasted

that he had already sent terrorists to

Britain and Germany as part of the plot,

sparked an alert across the continent

two weeks ago.


Om Manchesterligans ledare Abid


“The allegation against the defendant is

that he is an al-Qaeda operative who

participated in a conspiracy to attack

western interests by the use of explosive


“A wide international conspiracy was

conceived by the al-Qaeda external

operations leaders in Pakistan.

This conspiracy extended to planning

attacks in the UK, Norway and the

United States of America.”


The Daily Telegraph revealed earlier

this week that the American cell, which

had gone to ground after the Manchester

arrests, was just five days from launching

attacks on the New York subway in September

last year when an email from their bomb-

maker, Najibullah Zazi, to Ahmad was


The Norwegian cell, led by Mikael Davud,

was arrested in July, and members later

admitted plotting to blow up the Danish

newspaper Jyllands Posten over publication

of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed and

the Chinese embassy in Oslo.

The attacks were the idea of a senior British

al-Qaeda commander called Rashid Rauf and

another man called Saleh al-Somali, both of

whom were killed in Pakistan. In the other

two cases the suspects had bought bomb-

making chemicals, but none were found in



Om den norska förbindelsen och om

de "brittiska" terrorister som dödades

av en amerikansk drone i Pakistan....