måndag, januari 24, 2011

Nu startar Hizbollah i Tunisien....

En avläggare till den libanesiska
terrorgruppen Hizbollah startades
i helgen i Tunisien. Det meddelar de
i London PressTV. Med tanke på
att mullorna sedan länge äger terror-
gruppen, så bör de ju veta....

A Tunisian group, consisted of young students,

says it intends to form a Hezbollah-style political

party to defend the rights of the people against

any possible repression.

The announcement comes days after a historic

revolution ousted the country's former president

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.
Jamil Ben Alavi, a prominent student leader,

says he was optimistic about the promotion

of the Islamic values among the youth in

the predominantly Muslim country.
"The progressive example of Hezbollah

in Lebanon can bring light and hope for

the Tunisian people," Fars News Agency

quoted Ben Alavi as saying.
The comments come as thousands of

Tunisians have publicly organized congregational

prayers over the past days.
Meanwhile, some Tunisian TV channels have

resumed broadcasting the call for prayer.
Ben Ali had pursued a strict anti-Islamic

agenda during his rule over the North

African country.
"He (Ben Ali) was against broadcasting Adhan,

holding Friday prayers in mosques during his

rule," the Arabic language Al-Mofakirat Al-Islam

website said in a report about religious freedom.
In an attempt to imitate Western countries, Ben

Ali imposed strict laws against the Islamic dress

A vast majority of the country's population is

Muslims and committed to Islamic values.
Ben Ali's 23-year of dictatorship, which was

marred by repeated human rights violations

and torture, ended earlier this month after

weeks of street protests.


Ja, det var den "sekulära

revolutionen" det....