lördag, januari 08, 2011

Taimours kollega bakom bombdådet i Alexandria ?

Taimour Abdulwahad utbildades av
Al Qaeda i Mosul i Irak, medan han
officiellt "sökte jobb i Mellanöstern".
Han utbildades tillsammans med en
egyptier som säkerhetstjänsterna nu
misstänker stod bakom den stora

Taimour Abdulwahab, who killed only

himself as his suicide vest detonated

on the streets of Stockholm on Dec.

11, 2010, "trained in Mosul for three

months," according to General Dhai

Kanani, the chief of Iraq's counter-

terrorism unit. A car bomb assembled

by Abdulwahab was also found near

the site of his death.


Abdulwahab "entered Iraq from Turkey,"

Kanani told Al Arabiya, at about the

same time as an Egyptian who is

thought to have trained for a similar


"An Egyptian national entered Iraq

at the same time and received similar

training to probably carry out another

mission," Kanani said.


Al Qaeda in Iraq also claimed credit

for the New Year's Day suicide

attack at a Coptic church in Alexandria,

Egypt, that killed 23 people.

It is unknown if the Egyptian who

trained in Mosul at the same time

as Abdulwahab was responsible

for the Alexandria attack.

"We're exploring the possibility

of a connection," a US intelligence

official told The Long War Journal.


Mosul is one of al Qaeda in Iraq's

remaining strongholds in the country.

Al Qaeda in Iraq has maintained a

robust network in and around the

city despite multiple US and Iraqi

offensives in northern Iraq. The

city's close proximity to Syria,

which serves as a safe haven for

al Qaeda in Iraq, is a major factor

in the terror group's resiliency in

the Iraqi north.


"Iraq had information on bombings

in Sweden, which it informed the

Americans about before the bombing

in Sweden by more than two months,"

Kanani said.

US and European intelligence officials

have been on edge while working to

disrupt al Qaeda plots aimed at Europe

and the US hatched from Pakistan,

Yemen, and Iraq.