onsdag, juli 09, 2008

Monstret Kuntar - friges eller HÄNGAS ??

Det skrivs mycket om Monstret i
bloggosfären. Ett litet axplock.
82-åriga Nina Keren skriver till
president Peres om frigivningen
av monstret som mördade hennes
son och barnbarn:
"When I close my eyes at night,
I see Einati's black eyes, wide
open in fear, not understand
why her hero of a father was
not saving her the rifle hitting
her on the head," she wrote.
"For more than 29 years, I
have sentenced myself to silence.
The difficult incident, in which
I lost my son, Danny, and my
two granddaughters, Einat and
Yael, in such indescribably cruel
circumstances. "But today, just
before you cut the sentence of
this despicable murderer, I can
no longer smother my screams.
"Five life sentences were given
to this same beastly person.
In a few days, he will be freed,
before even one life sentence
has run out?How will I bear
the moment when he crosses
the borders and turns from a
despicable monster to the new
hero of Lebanon," she wrote. "
Israels HD vill tyvärr inte
pröva det tokiga beslutet
om frigivning.
Monstret har dock sina
beundrare, t ex Bildts
goda vänner i PLO, som
tycker att barnamördaren
är ett föredöme för ungdomen.....
"Samir Kuntar is “a beacon of light”
for having slaughtered an Israeli
father and his two young daughters
in a terrorist attack in 1979,
according to the PA-controlled
daily newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida.
On Thursday the PA daily featured
an article labeling Kuntar an
“authentic role model” for all
Palestinian Arabs."
Ännu en påminnelse om Monstrets brott