fredag, juli 04, 2008

"Nu har jag dödat en jude !"

I samband med överfallet på
Rudy Haddad har en del gjort
jämförelser med mordet på
Sebastien Selam.
Vem minns det ?
Selam var fransk jude och en
av Frankrikes mest populära
discjockeys. Han mördades
i december 2003 av sin
muslimske (och våldsamt
antisemitiske granne)
Adel Boumedienne.
beskriver dådet:
"Sebastian Selam and his killer had
known each other since childhood and
lived in the same building in Paris .The
family was anti semitic and before the
killing, a dead rooster had been put in
front of the Selam family door (which is
a Muslim symbol for impending death)
and a mezuzah (a container with a parchment
which Jewish families affix to their doorpost
for spiritual protection) had been ripped off.
One evening Selam's killer asked him to
step into the parking garage, where an aquaintance
of the killer was also present. Selam's killer
slashed his throat twice, mutilated his face
with a fork, and gouged out his both his eyes.
Afterwards he mounted the stairs and showed
his bloody hands to his mother saying :
"I have killed my Jew"."
"In five years' time, how many Jews
will be living in France? Two years ago,
a 23-year-old Paris disc jockey called
Sebastien Selam was heading off to work
from his parents' apartment when he was
jumped in the parking garage by his Muslim
neighbor Adel. Selam's throat was slit twice,
to the point of near-decapitation; his face was
ripped off with a fork; and his eyes were
gouged out. Adel climbed the stairs of the
apartment house dripping blood and yelling,
"I have killed my Jew. I will go to heaven."
Is that an gripping story? You'd think so.
Particularly when, in the same city, on the
same night, a Jewish woman was brutally
murdered in the presence of her daughter
by another Muslim. You've got the making
of a mini-trend there, and the media love trends.
Yet no major French newspaper
carried the story."
Försök själv att googla på
Sebastien Selam.
Hur många franska (eller
för den delen svenska) träffar
får Du ??
Gör om samma experiment
eller Ariel Sellouk .