fredag, juli 11, 2008

"My Cab Ride to Beirut"

som arbetar i Beer Sheva och bor i Efrat
i Judéen, en knapp timme därifrån, berättar
om ett vardagligt problem:
Resan hem från jobbet....
My cab ride to Beirut
OK, truth be told, I didn't actually take a taxi
to the capital of Hezbollah-land.
But when I tried to arrange a cab to take me
from Beer Sheva to my home in Efrat the other
night, you would have thought that Lebanon
was my destination based on the number of
cab drivers who refused to accept the fare.
It was about 10:00PM and I had long since
missed my regular carpool home. Under
normal circumstances I would have either
stayed over in Beer Sheva at a local hotel
or tried to hitchhike home. But seeing as
it was really late and I needed to be in
Jerusalem first thing in the morning, I
decided to treat myself to a taxi ride home.
So far so good... until the fun began, that is.
(rolig och tänkvärd)
Tipstack till Israel i Sverige !