torsdag, juli 31, 2008

Där islamisterna inte har några vänner...

Vi fortsätter Michael J Tottens intressanta
resa genom Balkan. Detta avsnitt börjar i
Bosnien och slutar i Kosova.
"I’m accustomed to spending quality time in
moderate Islamic environments. I lived in
the most liberal and cosmopolitan Sunni
neighborhood in Beirut next to the
American University, and I’ve vacationed
with my wife in famously moderate
Muslim countries like Tunisia and Turkey.
Kosovo surprised even me and forced
me to redefine my very conception of
what a moderate Muslim even is.
Kosovo is so thoroughly modern and
secularized that if it weren’t for the mosques
on the skyline there would be no visible
evidence that Kosovo is a Muslim-majority
country at all. Kosovo looks no more religious
than France."