fredag, juli 25, 2008

Med antisemitismen som politisk ledstjärna....

Can you name the country where the
government controlled media repeatedly
spreads antisemitic invective and cites
The Protocols of the Elder of Zion?
A country where a third of the Jewish
population has emigrated and the exodus
A country whose governments carries out
raids against Synagogues for "subversive
activity" and whose advisors accuse Jews
of plotting to take over the country?
Finally a country whose government or
rather dictatorship is widely supported by
liberals in the United States and Europe.
No it's not located in the Middle East, but
in South America.
The country of course is Venezuela and
like the antisemitic agenda of their fellow
Marxist Sandinistas, Hugo Chavez's "
Jewish Problem" demonstrates that leftist
antisemitism has very little to do with the
existence of Israel or any so-called oppression
of the Palestinian Arabs.
The Marxist and leftist hatred for Jews long
predates the modern State of Israel.
In fact it goes back to Marx himself, who
despite having Jewish ancestry, hated Jews
all the more.
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