måndag, juli 14, 2008

Pakistan som islamistiskt centrum

Pakistan fungerar idag som ett centrum
för islamistisk jihad inte bara i Asien utan
också i ökande omfattning i Europa.
NEFA Foundation har sammanställt en
ny rapport om detta:
Ett smakprov:
"Since the very early days of the Soviet-
Afghan war of the 1980s, Pakistani
territory has unquestionably served
as a major base for fundamentalist
Islamic clerics, schools, and militant
training camps, including for Al-Qaida.
In 1988, one such facility inside
Pakistan, known as “Al-Sadda”,
was described in the founding
documents of Al-Qaida as an
“open camp” from which the best
“brothers” would be selected to
join the new terrorist organization.
With the emergence of the Taliban
movement in the late 1990s along
the Pakistani-Afghan border,
increasingly larger swaths of
northwestern Pakistan have
become dominated by forces
sympathetic to Al-Qaida and
willing to host terrorist guest-
houses and training camps.
Those camps are responsible for
training many of the culprits in-
volved in Europe’s most notorious
terrorism cases of the last decade
—from the July 7, 2005 bombings
in the United Kingdom to the
disrupted plots in Germany during
the summer of 2007 targeting
Ramstein Air Base and Frankfurt
International Airport.
Simply put,
these camps pose a clear and
present danger to the nations of
the West—both as a proxy menace
to NATO forces serving as peace-
keepers in Afghanistan and, most
importantly, as a looming terrorist
threat to Europe and North America.
Their existence can no longer be
tolerated by any responsible regional
security policy.
Indeed, the flourishing of Al-Qaida
training camps in northwestern Pakistan
became front page media headlines in
2005 across Europe and North America
following the 7/7 bombings in
London. At least two of the suicide
operatives responsible for 7/7
—Mohammed Siddique Khan and
Shehzad Tanweer—were reported by
eyewitnesses to have attended training
camps at several locations in the
Pakistani Northwest Frontier Province