måndag, juli 21, 2008

Monstrets vänner

mördande islamisten, blev ju tyvärr
förtida frigiven i förra veckan. Istället
för att avtjäna i varje fall ett av sina
livstidsstraff har han nu förvandlats
till hela arabvärldens favoritterrorist.
PLO-ordföranden, EU:s störste bidrags-
mottagare, tillhörde de som hyllade monstret
och kadavret av Dalal Mughrabi, terroristen
som mördade 36 israeliska busspassagerare
"Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza took to
the streets to celebrate the prisoner deal.
Chanting slogans in support of Hizbullah, many
distributed candy and pledged to continue the
fight until all Palestinian prisoners were freed.
Palestinians also demonstrated in support of
Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir,
who has been charged with genocide in the
International Criminal Court in The Hague.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas,
who is currently visiting Malta, welcomed the
prisoner swap and sent greetings to Kuntar.
Abbas's Fatah party organized a rally in Ramallah
to celebrate the release of Kuntar and the return
of Mughrabi's remains.
"This is an historic victory over Israeli arrogance,"
said Ahmed Abdel Rahman, a top Fatah official
and adviser to Abbas. He described Kuntar as a
"big struggler" and Mughrabi as a "martyr who
led one of the greatest freedom fighters' operations
in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."
On this "important" day, Abdel Rahman said,
Fatah "salutes Hizbullah and its leaders and fighters."
Fahmi Za'arir, a Fatah spokesman in the West Bank,
said his party was proud of all those who sacrificed
their lives for the Palestinian "revolution and people."
He described the attacks carried out by Mughrabi
and Kuntar as heroic and legendary."