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Islamisterna i Göteborg II

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. . . Meeting Place for Extremist Youth Groups
According to media reports, the Bellevue Mosque also serves as the meeting place for the extremist youth groups Tuff (Troende Unga Framtida Forebilder -- "Devout Young Future Examples") and Framtida Kulturella Ungdomsforening ("Future Cultural Youth Association"). Tuff was founded in 1998 by Islamic youth as a forum for young people following a lethal discotheque fire in Gothenburg. Although its website (www.tuff-foreningen.se) welcomes people of all ethnic groups and religious backgrounds and states that its goal is to "strengthen the position of Muslim youth in society," Tuff has evolved into a fundamentalist organization. Tuff also has a branch in Malmo, founded in 2005. The website of its sister organization for young Islamic women -- the only link on its website (www.tuff-foreningen.se), is located at www.muslimah.se.
The spokesman for Sweden's Young Muslims -- an umbrella organization for Muslim youth groups in the country -- described Tuff as "Swedes' worst stereotype of Muslims."
Tuff members have protested outside meetings of Sweden's Young Muslims alleging that the organization mixes men and women, and plays music (Sydsvenska Dagbladet, 9 February 2006). Framtida Kulturella Ungdomsforeningen was founded in 1995 as an independent youth group for Muslims of all nationalities. In addition to regular meetings, it organizes other activities for Muslim youth, such as skiing and bowling (www.mangkultur.goteborg.se). Aftonbladet reported that extremist preachers often lecture at its meetings that attract fundamentalist youth (19 November 2005). Its website, fkuf.freeservers.com, was available briefly in 2003 and has been shut down since, according to www.webarchive.org.
Anas Khalifa
(Aftonbladet, 2 June 2004) Speakers Espousing Fundamentalist Views
A frequent speaker at the Bellevue Mosque and Tuff meetings is Anas Khalifa, who is widely quoted as espousing Salafi views in the media, and is a frequent contributor to Muslim chatrooms in Sweden. Khalifa, who uses the name Abu Malik on the Internet, also runs several extremist websites. -- Sydsvenska Dagbladet described Khalifa as a charismatic speaker who appeals to youth because he is young and speaks their language ("immigrant Swedish"). He was a petty criminal before turning to Islam.
He also lectures for the fundamentalist Islamic Cultural Association in Malmo (9 February 2006).

-- Khalifa preaches segregation of the Muslim community, claiming Muslims "cannot be friends with Christians or Jews" and "must not mix with them" because then "you become like them" (Sydsvenska Dagbladet, 9 February 2006; Swedish Television, 25 April 2006). Internet Presence
Khalifa and Abu Usama El-Swede are frequent contributors to Muslim forums in Sweden, the largest being www.noor.se and www.sindbad.se. According to a Swedish Television report, the extremists switched to www.noor.se after discovering that www.sindbad.se was being closely monitored by the authorities (26 April 2006). Noor.se requires registration and a password to view messages.
-- Abu Usama El-Swede is the most prolific contributor to www.noor.se with 2,484 postings (15% of the total, and almost double that of the next most frequent contributor). Khalifa, under the screen name Abu Malik, has 41 postings, and ranks somewhere in the middle on the membership list (www.noor.se).
-- El-Swede has 660 postings on www.sindbad.se, which puts him among the top fifteen on the membership list, while Abu Malik has 238.
-- Abu Malik's postings on www.sindbad.se generally concern the tenets of Islam, while Abu Usama El-Swede's can be more inflammatory. On 29 August 2006, for instance, El-Swede declared democracy an "enemy of Islam." In a September 2006 discussion on why he supported bin Ladin, El-Swede explained that Usama was his "brother in Islam who fights for Allah and for Muslims!" His characteristic signature on the Internet postings is "Take me with you to Jihad and save me from the world to love death, there is nothing good in life if we remain for then we live in emptiness" (www.sindbad.se).
-- Abu Usama El-Swede lists his website on the membership list for www.sindbad.se as www.noor.se, and a domain search confirmed that www.noor.se is registered to Abdu-Raouf Wadman -- his real name.
Khalifa and El-Swede also operate several Islamist websites, some of which have been shut down. Noor.se's membership roster lists Abu Usama El-Swede's website as www.at-tawheed.com. The site, which is password protected and does not accept new members, is, in fact, the website for At Tibyan Publications, an organization with links to Islamic hackers.
At-Tibyan Publications was behind a website shut down earlier this year in Denmark for distributing videos and recruitment material for former Al-Qa'ida leader in Iraq, Abu Mu'sab Al-Zarqawi, according to a Danish paper.

The organization reportedly has links to UK terrorist suspect Younis Tsouli -- arrested last year in connection with the Maximus case -- and Usama Kassir, a Lebanese Swede currently in prison in Prague (Ekstra Bladet, 7 March 2006).
The website www.tawxiid.com, accesible only to authorized users, is also registered to Abdu-Raouf Wadman, according to www.allwhois.com.
Website information:
Domain name: tawxiid.com
Owner: Abdu-Raouf Wadman
Address: c/o Elmi Haad
Berggardsgardet 45
42432 Angered, Sweden
Telephone: +46 076-206-8856 (Source: www.allhois.com)
Aftonbladet reported that Khalifa was behind www.omislam.com that, according to the paper, advocated jihad (2 June 2004). A search on www.webarchive.org indicated the site was online from 2003 until just after the publication of the Aftonbladet article in 2004, during which time it posted many disturbing pictures of Muslim war victims.

Another site (www.ansar.se) associated with Khalifa, and possibly El-Swede, according to Aftonbladet, was online from 2004-2006 (www.webarchive.org). Its stated goal was to "get Muslim youth to live by Islam's rules," which, the site admitted, "is a problem in today's Sweden." The website was also shut down recently after posting "Coming Soon--Inshallah" notices under many links on its menu. The site had links to Tuff and its sister organization for Islamic women.
Websites Associated with Khalifa and El-Swede Anas Khalifa Abu Usama El-Swede