torsdag, oktober 26, 2006

Universitet som islamistiska plattformar

Hyllengren Blogg tipsar om en artikel
"Islamic radicalization is a threat on
campuses nation-wide." av Anthony Glees:
"At least 13 convicted Islamist terrorists
and four suicide bombers have
been students at British universities.
Radical Islamist student societies make
full use of university resources.
They operate Web sites, hosted by
university servers, which direct
visitors to organizations that glorify
jihad and terror. These "religious" groups
are given "prayer rooms" on campus,
which are also used to disseminate
extremist literature and DVDs.
Muslim students concerned about
these developments tell me that
at many of these Islamic societies
terrorism is portrayed as justified
acts of "resistance." A leading imam in
Birmingham often preaches on British
campuses that the London bombers have
to be seen as "martyrs."Organizations like
Hizb Ut Tahrir and Al Muhajiroun, which
advocate a world caliphate, demand that
Britain adopt the Shariah and express a
violent hatred for the West and Jews,
have repeatedly tried to gain student
converts at the University of East Anglia.
It is only thanks to a courageous
campus imam that their infiltration
attempts have been thwarted so far.
His colleague at London Metropolitan
University, Sheikh Musa Admani, repeatedly
warns about Islamic radicalization at
his and other London campuses.
Just two months ago, the head
of an Islamic student society and
several fellow students at London
Metropolitan were charged with
planning to smuggle explosives on a
plane bound for America. Yet university
authorities usually consider these
societies as "religious gatherings,"
and thus off limits."