tisdag, december 30, 2008

- Ökat islamistiskt hot i hela Europa

Så här på Operation Cast Leads fjärde dag
varnar Londonpolisens förre chef Lord
Stevens för det ökande terrorhotet från
islamister i Europa. Bara i Storbritannien
beräknar myndigheterna att det finns
4.000 potentiella terrorister.
With the death toll in Gaza reaching 340
London has been put on a "high state of
alert" following the violent clashes outside
of the Israeli Embassy in Kensington and
the worrying statistic that 4,000 terrorism
suspects are active in the UK.
Lord Stevens the head of the Met
disclosed the figure that up to
4,000 terrorism suspects are active in
the UK, and stated that police and MI5 were
"still too under funded and undermanned to
cope with the task they face in the decades
to come. And that's how long this will last."
Security chiefs in London are concerned that
the escalation of violence in Gaza with the
prospects of a ground offensive by the IDF
could provoke a violent response by Arab
and Muslim Londoners with minority elements
influenced by Al-Qaeda plotting reprisal attacks
in London.
MI5 have outlined the possible securitythreats
posed by Al Qaeda.
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