lördag, december 13, 2008

Så islamiseras Egypten

Islamiseringen av det egyptiska samhället går
allt snabbare och det är framförallt kopterna,
landets kristna urbefolkning, som får betala priset.
Den framstående egyptiske författaren Tarek
varnar för Muslimska Brödraskapets om-
fattande infiltation av utbildnings- och kultur-
livet i det ”moderata” Egypten:

He advocates self-criticism and sweeping reforms in the region, including the reform of school curricula. The fundamentalist Wahabi influence has penetrated education in Egypt, where Arab literature, poetry and plays have been replaced with sacred Islamic texts in schools, Heggy said.

Up until the 1960s, Egypt was a truly Mediterranean society, but this has been gradually replaced by an Arab/Bedouin culture.

Besides schools, mosques and the country’s media – radio and TV – have also been Islamised, he said.

“The four entities that have most influence on people have also been influenced by anti-secular cultures,” Heggy stated.

Egypt’s 1971 Constitution defines Islam as the state religion and Islam as the main source of law.

The Islamisation of education in recent decades is
a major cause of an intolerant mindset that has
developed in Egypt, which the Muslim Brotherhood
has helped create under the guise of aid to local
communities, Heggy argued.
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