torsdag, december 18, 2008

"60 % av koranskolorna kontrolleras av extremister"

En nyutkommen brittisk rapport avslöjar
att över 60 % av (heltids-)koranskolorna
kontrolleras av de mest extrema islamistiska
I dagens Storbritannien finns 127 heltids-
koranskolor och över 700 deltids-d:o. Det
sekten från Indien och Pakistan som står
bakom de flesta.
Britain's Muslim schools have been sharply
criticised in a controversial draft report
commissioned by a leading think tank
which suggests that over 60 per cent of
them are linked to potentially dangerous
Islamic fundamentalists.
An early version of the report, entitled
When Worlds Collide, alleges that of the
133 Muslim primary and secondary schools
it surveyed, 82 (61.6 per cent) have connections
or direct affiliations to fundamentalists.
The 133 schools are in the private sector
but supposedly subject to Ofsted inspection.
The report also claims that some of these
schools teach "repugnant" beliefs about
the wickedness of Western society and Jews.
The claims in the report, written by Denis
MacEoin in response to a commission from
Civitas, will provoke ritual cries of "Islamo-
phobia" from the Muslim Council of Britain
and fellow travellers such as Koran Armstrong.
MacEoin has been careful to back up his claims
with evidence - in particular, screen captures
of links to Islamic hate-mongers, including
supporters of Al-Qaeda.