torsdag, december 04, 2008

"Vem vinner kampen ?"

Gates of Vienna återger den holländske
arabisten professor Hans Jansens tänk-
värda föredrag The Impossibility of
and the West. Hölls som årets Utrecht
Lecture 2008, översatt av VH.
Återger avslutningen och anbefaller hela
talet till läsning.
Ladies and Gentlemen! The end is near.
Islamic tradition asserts that Mohammed said
man Zafirtum bihi min rijaal al-yahuud, fa-qtuluuh,
“Kill every male Jew that falls in your hands.”
A culture or religion that does not distance itself from
statements of such bloodthirstiness can only hope to
collect what it wishes on others. Who will win the battle?
It looks good for Islam, but it’s still a bit too early to
start predicting.Think later also, while raising your glass,
of two absent friends, Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh.
That they both, despite all their craziness, may be
sheltering with the martyrs and saints beneath the
throne of the Most High.