torsdag, december 04, 2008

Nytt Europaparti mot islamism

Magdi Allam, den italienske chefredaktören som
döptes av Påven vid årets påskmässa tänker nu
starta ett politiskt parti inför valet till Europa-
Allam said his "Protagonists for Christian Europe"
party would work to defend Europe's Christian values,
which he sees as being threatened by secularism and
moral relativism.
While the name of the new party conveys an impression
of a rightist, traditionalist front, beneath the surfaces
lies the authentic Magdi Allam - the Magdi Allam who
was honored two years ago by Israel, and in the US
by the American Jewish Committee, for his book,
Viva Israele! ("Long live Israel").
"Israel's right to exist" is a basic tenet of Allam's
political ideology that derives from his belief in
the religious principle of "the sacredness of life."
According to Allam, two destructive forces now
threaten European civilization.
One is an absence of ethical values in a "savage
capitalism that ignores human rights, paradoxically
emulating today's Communist China."
The other is, quite straightforwardly, Islam -
which he defines as a "religion of violence."