fredag, december 05, 2008

Olmerts "fredspartner" Fatah skulle spränga bussterminal

WorldNetDaily avslöjar vad övriga medier tiger om:
Det terrorattentat mot Tel Avivs bussterminal
som israeliska polisen med knapp nöd stoppade
häromdagen hade planerats av Fatah, Olmerts
officiella förhandlingspartner....
TEL AVIV, Israel – Members of Palestinian Authority
President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah organization were
involved in planning a foiled attack targeting Tel Aviv's
central bus station yesterday, terrorist sources told WND.
Information obtained also indicates specific Fatah
terrorists granted amnesty in recent months by
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert plotted the attack.
That detail is significant because, according to
Palestinian sources speaking to WND, Olmert
is slated to announce the pardon of dozens more
Fatah terrorists ahead of a Muslim holiday this
Yesterday, Israeli police, acting on specific intelligence,
thwarted what they said would have been a large-
scale terrorist bombing of Tel Aviv's bus station.
Security forces here arrested a Palestinian resident
of the West Bank city of Jenin who had infiltrated
Israel. He was captured along with three other
people at a house just outside Tel Aviv.
Following the Palestinian's arrest yesterday, the
would-be bomber led police to a nearby city where
he had hidden a bag filled with explosives reportedly
meant to be detonated at the bus station.