torsdag, januari 08, 2009

Terrorattack mot utlänningar stoppad i Alger

De algeriska myndigheterna meddelade igår att
de förhindrat stora Al Qaeda-terrorattacker i
Alger vid årsskiftet. Terrorn skulle riktats mot
västerlänningar som arbetade i landet. Bl a skulle
tekniker som bygger Algers tunnelbana kidnappas.
Security services have managed aborting twin
terrorist attack masterminded by Al-Qaeda in
North Africa last Dec, in Algiers, security source
told El Khabar.
According to the same source, 11 terrorists
belonging to a terrorist squad have been
arrested in Algiers. They had plotted bombings
of governmental buildings and abductions
of foreigners working in Algeria.
The planned attacks have been considered as
spectacular as they would have had coincided
with the New Year celebration. Meanwhile,
security services have determined the names
of seven wanted terrorists, who escaped to
Al-Qaeda fiefs in the mountains of Kabylia.
The broken-up terrorist cell’s objectives
targeted to hit governmental buildings, and
abducting foreign employees working for
companies in charge of the construction of
Algiers’ metro, as to get ransoms in exchange.
A member in the Libyan Fighting Group is
among Al-Qaeda chiefs harbouring through
the heights of the central province Tizi Ouzou.
He is in charge of coordination with Libyan
terrorists, concluded the same source.