tisdag, januari 27, 2009

Den lilla stationen: Treblinka

Till Förintelsens Minnesdag 2009
Ett poem av
Wladyslaw Szlengel
(1914- april 1943)
The Little Station: Treblinka

On the Tluszcz-Warsaw line,
from the Warsaw-East station,
you leave by rail
and ride straight on …
The journey lasts, sometimes
five hours & 45 minutes,
but sometimes it lasts
a lifetime until death.
The station is tiny.
Three fir trees grow there.
The sign is ordinary:
it’s the Treblinka station.
No cashier’s window,
No porter in view,
No return tickets,
Not even for a million.
There, no one is waiting,
no one waves a kerchief,
and only silence hovers,
deaf emptiness greets you.
Silent the flagpole,
silent the fir trees,
silent the black sign:
it’s the Treblinka station.
Only an old poster
with fading letters
“Cook with gas.”

(översättning: Yala Korwin)
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