fredag, juli 06, 2012

Ung jude misshandlad på tåg

En 17-årig jude misshandlades allvarligt
på tåget mellan Toulose och Lyon sent
på onsdagskvällen. Pojken var elev på Ozar
HaTorahskolan i Toulose där tre elever och
en lärare nyligen dödades av en salafist.
Nu misshandlades han av två islamistiska
nordafrikaner som upptäckte att han bar

A French Jewish teenager was the victim
of a violent anti-Semitic attack on a train
travelling between Toulouse and Lyon.
The victim, 17, reportedly is a student at
Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse, where
an Islamist gunman shot and killed three
children and a teacher in March.
The teen was wearing what the French
Interior Ministry called “a distinctive
religious symbol,” the French news service
AFP reported.
The teen was first verbally accosted and
later beaten up by two assailants in Wednes-
day night’s attack.  Another passenger and
train conductors reportedly came to his aid.
AFP reported that the assailants were iden-
tified to police by railroad authorities but
that neither had been called in for quest-
ioning by Thursday morning.
The French Jewish umbrella group, CRIF,
in a statement called the attack “another
development in the worrying trend of
anti-Semitism in our country.”
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