lördag, juli 28, 2012

Hizballahagent med svenskt pass ställs inför rätta

Den libanesiske Hizballahagent med
svenskt medborgarskap som nyligen
greps på Cypern för terrorplanering
kommer att ställas inför rätta
12 september.
Hittills har åklagaren formulerat
nio åtalspunkter.
"A Swedish national of Lebanese descent
arrested in Cyprus on suspicion of plotting
to attack Israeli tourists in the country
will stand trial on September 12, authorities
said on Friday.
Reuters reported that the man, who has
not been identified, faces nine charges
of security-related offences related to
tracking the movements and areas
frequented by Israeli visitors to the
holiday island. He was arrested on
July 7 as a suspected security threat.
Israel has said the man was plan-
ning an attack similar to a suicide
bus bombing in the Bulgarian city
of Burgas on July 18 that killed five
Cypriot authorities have acknowledged
the suspect showed behavioral patterns
similar to the incident in Burgas, in
which the attacker waited for Israeli
holidaymakers to board a bus at an
airport before detonating a backpack
of explosives.
During court hearings held behind
closed doors, Reuters reported, police
have maintained the Cyprus suspect is
a member of Hizbullah, which Israel
has fingered as being behind the Bulgaria
attack. Hizbullah is considered a terrorist
organization by Israel, the United States
and other countries, but not by Cyprus.
The report said the suspect was detained
two days after his arrival to Cyprus via
London, following a tip-off from British
intelligence services. In his fourth court
appearance since his detention, a district
court in the southern coastal city of
Limassol on Friday ruled the man
would remain in custody until his trial
in September, the semi-official Cyprus
News Agency reported."