måndag, juli 23, 2012

Israel: Över 20 iranska terrordåd stoppade

Mossads och Shin Bets chefer avslöjade
vid ett möte med regeringen på söndagen:
Det senaste året har Israel förhindrat
över 20 iranska terrordåd mot israeliska
eller judiska mål över hela världen.
Iran och Hizballah försöker ständigt
angripa Israelrelaterade mål utanför
israeliskt territorium. Många av
försöken stoppas i hemlighet.
DebkaFile rapporterar:
Those plots were thwarted for two years
until the Burgas airport attack last Wednesday
in which five Israelis and a Bulgarian lost their
lives, Mossad spy chief Tamir Pardo and Shin Bet
internal security chief Yoram Cohen informed
cabinet ministers in a briefing Sunday on
"counter-terrorism activity by the intelligence
The two security chiefs also gave their evaluations
of the dangers presented by Iran, Syria and Hizballah.
 Från Y-net:
In the past year Israel successfully prevented
numerous terror attacks against Israeli targets
abroad – most of which were not reported.
Yedioth ahronoth reported Friday that Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday
revealed never before published information
about one of the foiled attacks. He said that
an attack against Israelis was prevented in
South Africa, but did not disclose any
further details.
Netanyahu held a situation assessment
attended by the IDF chief of staff, and
heads of the Mossad and Shin Bet.
The discussions dealt with the attack in
Bulgaria and the situation in Syria.
A very senior defense official said that since
May 2011 more than 20 terror attacks
have been prevented, including in Azerbaijan
(twice), Kenya, Turkey, Thailand Cyprus and
Bulgaria (prevented at the beginning of the year)
and in Turkey (an attempt to attack the Israeli
Consul in Istanbul).
"Iranians and Hezbollah members are incar-
cerated in jails throughout the world, the
senior security official said.
“We don’t know how long the wave of
terrorism will continue – it's global.”
The official said that when a terror state
that supports and organizes terror such
as Iran joins forces with with an organi-
zation that is prepared to take the risks
like Hezbollah, no country is safe from
possible attacks.
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