lördag, juli 07, 2012

Arafats kadaver Brödraskapets politiska gisslan

Igår startade Al-Jazeera, Arafats änka
Suha och Muslimska Brödraskapet en
kampanj med temat att Arafat förgiftats 
med Polonium av.....(gissa vem).
Det framstår som extra bisarrt eftersom
det redan vid sekelskiftet var väl känt bland
underrättelsefolk och journalister att
Arafat var AIDS-sjuk.
Att dödsorsaken var AIDS erkändes
också av hans efterträdare Mahmoud
Abbas i ett samtal med Ahmed Jibril.
Jibril berättade i Hamas Al Aqsa TV 2007:
 "When [Palestinian Chairman] Mahmoud Abbas
came to Damascus, I asked: "What was found in
the [medical] inquiry of the death of brother Arafat?"
One [of the group] said: "Frankly, the French gave
us the medical report, and the cause of Arafat's
death was AIDS."
Se Arutz Sheva om hur Arafats läkare
bekräftade AIDS som dödsorsak 2007.
The New York Times broke the media silence
on the cause of Arafat's death Friday by sug-
gesting the terrorist leader may have died of

"Even after Yasir Arafat's death this morning, French
health officials continued their stony silence about
exactly what disease killed the Palestinian leader.
And so the man who lived so much of his life simply
and in the public eye, died mysteriously, surrounded
by secrecy."
The spokesman for the French hospital where Arafat
died said that officials would not release any tests,
detail the cause of death, or even acknowledge whether
had an autopsy had been conducted.
The Times noted that a tight circle of aides to Arafat
had access to him and his doctors. They have kept
a tight lid on details of his health and death.
Unlocking the mystery of Arafat's death might come
from several clues.
Two days before his death, aides revealed that Arafat
was in a coma after having a brain hemorrhage.
But the Times doubts this stroke was likely not the
cause of Arafat's maladies.
Another clue: "At the time of his medical evacuation
to Paris two weeks ago, aides disclosed that he was
suffering from a low platelet count and had undergone
a platelet transfusion. Since platelets are involved in
blood clotting, patients with low counts are predisposed
to brain hemorrhages, so Mr. Arafat's platelet count
may have contributed to his death."
Then the Times noted the AIDS connection: "But low
platelet counts in the blood are a common finding in
a wide range of afflictions, including severe infections,
liver disease, end stage cancer and even AIDS."
The Times revelation gives credence to Internet buzz
that Arafat may have died of AIDS. Some suggested
that Arafat's apparent dementia - a symptom of AIDS -
in his closing days was one sign he might have been
suffering from the immune disorder.
French officials have put to rest rumors that
Arafat was poisoned.
This story was widely circulated in the Arab world...
Why did his widow Suha, eight years after
his death, suddenly collect his old clothes
and toothbrush and bring them to Doha
for investigation by the Qatar-owned Al
Jazeera TV station?
And what made al Jazeera send them to
a lab in Lausanne to test for polonium 210 -
which has a half-life counted in months?
There is no proof that the polonium traces
discovered were not planted on Arafat’s
clothes years after his death.
There is little mystery about Suha Arafat’s
actions which have always been motivated
by financial gain and publicity.
As for the Al Jazeera probe, it could not
have been launched without authorization
from the Qatari emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-
Thani, champion of Hamas and its campaign
against Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah, and an
inveterate television-driven diplomat.
Se en första kritisk granskning av Al
Jazeeras testresultat som visar att
de uppgivna poloniumhalterna är
helt omöjliga om de skulle härrört
från en förgiftning 2004.
Israel går ut med en rapport
The Truth about Arafat’s Final Days
Men Hamas ältar på enligt Brödra-
skapets propagandalinje... 
Ingen tycks minnas att Fatahkongressen
redan 2009 tog ett beslut att utreda Arafats
Vad har hänt med det sedan dess ?
Man kanske insåg att man redan
visste sanningen och att den inte
var lämplig för spridning....