söndag, november 04, 2012

Två frihetskämpar möttes - i Malmö

förra helgen har fått mycket uppmärksamhet
i medierna, både i gammelpressen och den
Vad som dock bara Snaphanen tycks ha upp-
märksammat var ett möte mellan två ledande
frihetskämpar mitt i Europas mest islamiserade
Geert Wilders hade bjudit in den norske skribenten
Fjordman till sitt föredrag. De fick tillfälle till ett
samtal om den viktiga kampen för yttrandefriheten.
sällskapets möte i Malmö: Poliskedjor, AFA-drägg,
stenkastning, men också ett strålande
föredrag som borde nå hela svenska folket...
"Geert Wilders is a forceful man, and one strongly
feels his presence, not just because of the security
guards who are always nearby, but also because of
his personal character.
 He has real charisma, which is necessary for a
successful  politician. I noticed that some of the
female members of the audience seemed quite
enthralled by him. Yet he is also a powerful public
speaker who addresses real and profound political
He gave an eloquent and impassioned speech in
Malmö about the threat of Islamization and
the ongoing loss of freedom of speech in
Wilders extended his focus beyond Islam alone
and talked about limiting mass immigration in
general, confronting cultural relativism and restoring a
healthy pride in our civilization and our national cultures.
He also emphasized that all of this is exceedingly difficult
to achieve as long as the European Union, and not its
member states, controls policies. The EU is thus at the
 heart of many of Europe’s problems."