fredag, november 09, 2012

Araber försöker driva bort judar från Jerusalem

Jerusalemförorten French Hill är bebodd
av judar, till stor del studenter och lärare
från det närbelägna Hebreiska Universitet.
Nu försöker araber från de expansiva byarna
runt omkring driva bort de judiska invånarna.

Uppmuntrade av PLO och EU kastar de sten
på sina grannar och bränner deras hus och
Familjen Chernovsky har efter tidigare incidenter
satt upp en bevakningskamera.
Häromnatten filmade de när tre araber brände
deras bilar.
"Chernovsky described daily harrassment
 by Arab neighbors.
- "They constantly throw rocks at us in
the wadi. All the time. Children aged 8 or 9
pelt us with rocks and above them, the Border
Police stand there and they curse and laugh
at them.
They put a new loudspeaker on the mosque
and we hear it as if it is inside our home.
They set off fireworks at 11 pm or 12 midnight.
 It's impossible to live here. They threw a rock at
my wife's car when she was inside with two
grandmothers. Then on March 8, international
women's day, they gave her a 'gift' and
burned her car."
- "I have great appreciation for the police,"
he said earnestly. "They come and they do what
they can, which is not much. These guys are
maybe 18 or 20 and they escape into the village.
And if police try to go into the village,
it is like Gaza. Every police car that goes in is
pelted with a hail of rocks.
So the question is, is this a part of Jerusalem
or not? Are we being slowly driven out of here?
 My neighbors have left. And we feel like we are
 hostages of the village. They can walk
around freely and receive employment, and we
can't enter their village."
Arutz Sheva