torsdag, augusti 05, 2010

Talibanerna skar av hennes näsa och öron

TIME Magazine berättar om Aisha, en
afghansk kvinna som ville leva ett själv-
ständigt liv. Hon dömdes av en talibansk
shariadomstol till att få näsa och öron
avskurna sedan hon försökt flytta från
sina svärföräldrars hus.
Hennes make och svåger utförde
(Daily Mail)
With her clear skin and dark, flowing hair,
18-year-old Aisha would ordinarily have
stood out from a crowd because of her
But now, tragically, the young Afghan

woman is eye-catching for a horrifically
different reason.
Aisha is a victim of Taliban brutality, her

nose and ears barbarically hacked off by
her own husband in a warped punishment
for attempting to flee her cruel in-laws.
Held down by her brother-in-law, the young
bride endured the agony of the man she
married disfiguring her face with a knife.
Aisha's striking image stares out from the

cover of U.S. news magazine Time.
The photograph is a stark reminder of

the fate awaiting independent-minded
women if the Taliban regain power.
The magazine is running the front page,

with the headline What Happens if We
Leave Afghanistan, as coalition countries
set a timetable for the withdrawal of
international forces from the country.
Influential voices in Afghanistan are suggesting

that the West must bring the Taliban to the
negotiating table to thrash out a peace deal
as part of the exit strategy.
But women - who were treated as little

more than slaves under the hardline
regime's rule - believe they will bear
the brunt of any reconciliation.
Touching her face, Aisha told the magazine:

'They are the people who did this to me.
How can we reconcile with them?'
Her concerns were echoed by Fawzia Koofi,

a female member of the Afghan parliament,
who said: 'Women's rights must not be the
sacrifice by which peace is achieved.'
Aisha now lives in a secret women's shelter

in Kabul, but she dreams of leaving the
Afghan capital and flying to the U.S. for
reconstructive surgery paid for by a
humanitarian organisation.
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