måndag, augusti 16, 2010

Varför skändas en judisk begravningsplats i Tyskland var tionde dag ?

Enligt inrikesministerns svar en
parlamentarisk fråga i Förbundsdagen
nyligen blir en judisk begravnings-
plats i Tyskland vandaliserad, skändad
eller förstörd ungefär var tionde dag....
Minnesplatser är också ofta utsatta för
On the other hand, say BfV officials, Islamist
ideologues are creating problems with their
anti-Israeli tirades, which are being broadcast
on the Internet and television.
"You can expect this sort of propaganda to have
an impact on certain social groups," says Fromm.
The Israelis' bloody military intervention against
a flotilla of aid vessels off the coast of Gaza on May
31, in which nine Turkish activists were shot dead,
has triggered a new wave of hate.
The Jewish community in Berlin promptly reported
"a rapid increase in Antisemitic propaganda and
death threats against Jews on the Internet."
This is particularly the case on Facebook where,
according to Jewish officials in Berlin, users like
Ulubas L. are spreading their message of hate
with statements like: "The only good Jew is a
dead Jew."
TV productions like the Iranian series "Zahra's
Blue Eyes," broadcast into the living rooms of
immigrant families in Germany, only add to
the problem. The program is based on a horror
story in which a fictitious Israeli general has
doctors remove the eyes of a Palestinian girl
so that they can be transplanted into his blind
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