fredag, juni 15, 2012

Terrorist från Sverige döms i USA

Eritreanen Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed med
permanent uppehållstillstånd i Sverige och
skriven i Stockholm greps i Nigeria för terrorism
och utlämnades 2010 till USA.
Där åtalas han nu för att ha genomgått terrorist-
utbildning hos Al Shabaab i Somalia och för att
ha hjälpt islamisterna med militär utrustning.
Vi skrev om honom redan 2010.
Gudmundson kan nu berätta att Ahmed
erkänt sig skyldig inför en amerikansk
today to conspiring to provide material
support to and receive military-type
training from al Shabaab, a terrorist
organization based in Somalia.
AHMED pled guilty before U.S.
District Judge P. Kevin Castel.
Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said:
Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed traveled a long
way from his home in Sweden to Somalia, where
he took up the cause of al Shabaab, a deadly
terrorist organization and sworn enemy of the
United States and its people. Protecting Americans
from the threat of terrorism both at home and ab-
road is the highest priority of this office, and today’s
plea is yet another victory in that fight.”
In early 2009, AHMED left his home in Sweden and
traveled to Somalia in order to support and receive
military-type training from al Shabaab.
Al Shabaab has used violent means to destabilize
the government of Somalia and to force the with-
drawal of foreign troops from the country.
The group has recruited foreign fighters to join in
its “holy war” in Somalia, resulting in men from
other countries, including the United States,
traveling there to engage in violent jihad.
Al Shabaab has also made numerous public
statements demonstrating its intent to harm
the United States.
While in Somalia, AHMED contributed approxi-
mately 3,000 Euros to al Shabaab, received
training and instruction with respect to bomb-
making and bomb-detonation, and purchased
an AK-47 rifle, additional magazines, and two
grenades. AHMED subsequently provided the
rifle and magazines to an al Shabaab military
AHMED, 38, a native of Eritrea and a lawful
resident of Sweden, was arrested in Nigeria
in November 2009. On March 6, 2010, AHMED
was transferred to the custody of the United
States and subsequently transported to the
Southern District of New York for prosecution.
AHMED pled guilty to one count of conspiracy
to provide material support to a Foreign Terrorist
Organization (al Shabaab) and one count of con-
spiracy to receive military-type training from a
Foreign Terrorist Organization (al Shabaab).
He faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in
prison, and is scheduled to be sentenced by
Judge Castel on November 2, 2012 at
11:30 a.m."