fredag, juni 29, 2012

Brödraskapets Egypten: Snart inga kristna kvar

Nyheter  från Gatestone Institute 
om Muslimska Brödraskapets
Egypt: A court verdict that was criticized
by many human rights groups as "un-
believable" and "extremely harsh" to-
wards Christians was decided according
to religion: all twelve Christians were con-
victed to life imprisonment, while all eight
Muslims—including some who torched nearly
60 Christian homes—were acquitted, all to
thunderous cries of "Allahu Akbar!" ["Allah
is the Greatest!"] in the courtroom.
Another Muslim judge in Upper Egypt dis-
missed all charges against a group of
and his family for over a year, culminating
with their cutting off his ear in a knife attack
while trying to force him to convert to Islam
after they "falsely accused him" of having an
affair with a Muslim woman.
And a new report describes the plight of Coptic
girls: "hundreds of Christian girls … have been
abducted, forced to convert to Islam, and
forced into marriage in Egypt. These incidents
are often accompanied by acts of violence,
including rape, beatings, and other forms
of physical and mental abuse."
Minns vad president Morsi sa för en
månad sedan om kopterna, Egyptens
ursprungsbefolkning:According to the popular
Egyptian website, El Bashayer, Muhammad Morsi,
the Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate,
just declared that he will "achieve the Islamic
conquest (fath) of Egypt for the second time,
and make all Christians convert to Islam, or
else pay the jizya," the traditional Islamic tax,
or financial tribute, required of non-Muslim
Det vi bevittnar nu är således "den
andra islamiska invasionen av Egypten"....