torsdag, juni 28, 2012

Islamistiska terrorgrupper i Afrika ökar samarbetet

Afrikas tre största islamistiska terror-
grupper: Boko Haram, Al Shabaab och
Al Qaeda i Islamiska Maghreb utökar sitt
ekonomiska, logistiska och operativa sam-
arbete berättar befälhavaren för USA:s
afrikanska kommando:
Washington - Three of Africa's largest extremist
groups are sharing funds and swapping explosives
in what could signal a dangerous escalation of
security threats on the continent, the commander
of the US military's Africa Command said on
General Carter Ham said there are indications
that Boko Haram, al Shabaab and Al Qaeda in
the Islamic Maghreb - groups that he labelled as
the continent's most violent - are sharing money
and explosive materials while training fighters
“Each of those three organisations is by itself a
dangerous and worrisome threat,” Ham said at
 an African Centre for Strategic Studies seminar
for senior military and civilian officials from
Africa, the United States and Europe.
“What really concerns me is the indications that
the three organisations are seeking to coordinate
 and synchronise their efforts,” Ham said.
“That is a real problem for us and for African
security in general.”

Bilden: Boko Harams emir Abubakar Shekau