torsdag, juni 03, 2010

Jihadistiska terrorattacker i Västeuropa 1994-2009

Den norske forskaren Petter Nesser vid
Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt presenterade
nyligen den första kartläggningen av jihadistiska
terrordåd och -försök i Västeuropa under de
senaste femton åren.

Since December 1994, Western Europe has

experienced increased levels of terrorism

perpetrated by militant Sunni Islamist

activists (gangs, groups, cells, and networks)

associated with or inspired by guerillas and

terrorist networks originating from the Muslim


The militants belonged to the so-called salafi–

jihadi strand of Sunni Islamism, and

they referred to themselves as “mujahidin” or

“jihadis[Holy Warriors].

Most of these terrorists were affiliated in one

way or another with the Al Qaeda

organization (founded in Peshawar in 1988)

and the global jihad doctrine propagated by

the organization’s leaders and ideologues.

Some of them were Al Qaeda members who

were supported and controlled by Al Qaeda,

and trained in the organization’s training

facilities in Qandahar, Khowst, and Jallalabad,

Afghanistan. Others were members of local

and regional jihadi groups from different parts

of the Muslim world with varying ties to Al Qaeda

and the global jihad. A number also seem to

have operated quite autonomously from jihadi

organizations, but were clearly inspired by Al

Qaeda’s ideas, strategies and tactics.


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