måndag, juni 14, 2010

Sitter Pakistan i ledningen för talibanerna ?

på söndagen i en rapport att Pakistan
s k Quetta Shura, den viktigaste taliban-
Although links between the ISI and Islamist
militants have been widely suspected for a
long time, the report's findings, which it said
were corroborated by two senior western
security officials, could raise more concerns
According to a Taliban who has regular contact with
members of the Quetta Shura, in late March or early
April this year President Zadari [sic] and a senior ISI
official visited some 50 high-ranking Talibs who were
held in a prison in a secret location in Pakistan.
Some 30-35 had been arrested in recent months,
and 10-15 were longer-term prisoners.
Reportedly, he told them they were arrested because
he was under a lot of pressure from the Americans
and that, ‘you are our people, we are friends, and
after your release we will of course support
you to do your operations.'
The report said interviews with Taleban commanders
in some of the most violent regions in Afghanistan
"suggest that Pakistan continues to give extensive
support to the insurgency in terms of funding,
munitions and supplies".
Almost all of the Taleban commanders interviewed
in the report believed the ISI was represented on
the Quetta Shura, the Taleban's supreme
leadership council based in Pakistan.
"Interviews strongly suggest that the ISI has
representatives, either as participants or
observers, and the agency is thus involved at
the highest level of the movement," the report