onsdag, juni 16, 2010

Tio islamistiska imamer utvisade

Under perioden 2000-2010 har Italien
gripit 200 islamistiska terrorister.
Fyrtiosju har fällts i domstol och 62 ut-
visats ur landet. Tio islamistiska
imamer har utvisats för att utgöra
hot mot statens säkerhet. De har
spridit anti-västlig propaganda och
propagerat för jihad.
Detta offentliggjordes av stiftelsen ICSA
i rapporten Al Qaeda 2010 på en
presskonferens på måndagen tillsammans
med inrikesminister Roberto Maroni.
Det är första gången Italien ger en samlad
bild av sin kamp mot det islamistiska hotet.
Rapporten pekar också på de kvinnliga
konvertiternas och "jihad-nomadernas"
ökande roll i terrornätverken:
The number of women being recruited
to Al-Qaeda is growing exponentially
and European and American converts
to Islam are swelling their ranks.
These so-called "mothers of terror" are
taking up the armed struggle to prove
their devotion to their new-found faith,
according to a report due to be presented
in Rome on Monday to Italy's interior
minister, Roberto Maroni.
The women believe they are fighting
"Crusaders and Zionists" but actually,
most of the victims of Al-Qaeda's attacks
are Muslims.
Besides the "mothers of terror", the
numbers of "Jihad nomads" is growing
and Al-Qaeda's organisation is becoming
looser-knit. There are armed groups which
are still affiliated with the terror network
while others are simply inspired by it and
there are also autonomous cells operating.
The report describes how "Jihad nomads"
have often grown up in the West but have
Asian or Middle Eastern origins.
Today they're in New York, the following
month they're in Oslo and then they'll turn
up in Peshawar. The indoctrinate themselves
with radical Islamist ideology, often gleaned
from the Internet, and feel they don't belong.
They feel isolated from the world or rejected
by it. New-Mexico born imam Al Awlaki of
Yemeni descent is an example of the kind of
lone radical preacher the "nomads" look up to.
(Tipstack till Dolomitengeist)
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