onsdag, april 30, 2008

"Why We Left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out"

The penalty for renouncing Islam is death...
...Which makes the stories
In "Why We Left Islam"
- and the lives behind them -
all the more remarkable.
Compiled by journalist Susan Crimp
and theological expert Joel Richardson,
these shocking and brutally honest
stories reveal a truth that the mainstream
media and cowed politicians refuse to admit
-- that far from being a "religion of peace,"
Islam is both barbaric and repressive,
a nightmare for both those living under
it and those confronting it...
"The Qur’an is full of verses that
teach killing of unbelievers and
how Allah would torture them after
they die. There are no lessons on
morality, justice, honesty, or love.
The only message of the Qur’an is
to believe in Allah and his messenger."
- Ali
"I don’t exactly remember what
wrote doubt in my mind.
Maybe it is Lord Buddha and
his teachings or a glance at Jesus
and his sufferings…then quite
shockingly I realized my beloved
prophet is a misfit.
He failed to show me anything
other than the dark side of human nature."
- Divyan
"People who have not lived
in Dar Al-Islam cannot and
will not understand the level of
indoctrination Muslims undergo
for their entire lives…
If you’ve never used your mind
but rather simply lived under the
culture of submission
(“Islam” means “submission"),
your ability to think withers."
- Basharee
Written by those who have
lived under the Islamic yoke
their whole lives,
"Why We Left Islam:
Former Muslims Speak Out"
is both a powerful communiqué
and a warning to the West.
“Powerfully written and deeply compelling,
these accounts of people of conscience
who left Islam are rendered all
the more poignant by the realization
that each one of them, whatever
their status or situation, lives
under the death sentence mandated
by the Muslim Prophet Muhammad
for apostates from Islam.
This book should be required
reading for human rights activists
and all those who value the dignity
of the human person, so that they
will see why this horrific denial
of the freedom of conscience within
Islam must be resisted by all
people of good will.”
Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch
and author of the New York Times
bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide
to Islam (and the Crusades) and
The Truth about Muhammad.
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