onsdag, april 30, 2008

Islamister köper inflytande på universitet

De senaste tio åren har de åtta
största universiteten i Storbritannien
fått donationer på över en kvarts miljard
pund från islamistiska stiftelser.
Framförallt Saudiarabien och Emiraten
satsar på att bygga upp stora institutioner
för "Islamic Studies". Det hemlighålls hur
stora donationerna är och vilka villkor
som knyts till dem....
Extremist ideas are being spread
by Islamic study centres linked
to British universities and backed by
multi-million-pound donations from
Saudi Arabia and Muslim organisations,
a new report claims.
Eight universities, including Oxford
and Cambridge, have accepted more
than £233.5 million from Saudi and
Muslim sources since 1995, with
much of the money going to Islamic
study centres, according to the report.
The total sum, revealed by
Anthony Glees, the director of
Brunel University's Centre for
Intelligence and Security Studies,
amounts to the largest source
of external funding to UK universities.
Arab donors have argued that
their gifts to academic institutions
help to promote understanding
between the West and the
Islamic world. However, Prof Glees
claims in his unpublished report that
the propagation of one-sided
views of Islam and the Middle
East at universities amounts
to anti-Western propaganda.
Prof Glees attracted controversy in
2005 when he claimed that up
to 48 universities had been infiltrated
by fundamentalists and warned that
the threat posed by radical groups
should be "urgently addressed".