söndag, mars 14, 2010

KZ-läger vandaliserat - igen....

Resterna av koncentrationslägret Plaszów
utanför Krakow, känt från Schindler´s List,
har återigen vandaliserats.

(IsraelNN.com) The Plaszow concentration

camp near Krakow, Poland, has been vanda-

lized with graffiti, according to the

Associated Press.

Plaszow was a labor concentration camp,

commanded by cruel SS commandant Amon

Goth. Goth was hanged in September 1946

not far from Plaszow, after being found guilty

of the murder of thousands of people.

"Jude Raus – German for "Jew Out" – and

"Hitler Good!" were painted in red on a large

monument, and a memorial plaque was

painted with a swastika.

The vandalism was found just a day before

a memorial march commemorating the 67th

anniversary of the liquidation of the Krakow

ghetto, in which 16,000 Jews were sent to

the Auschwitz death camp.