tisdag, mars 09, 2010

Al Shabaabterrorist - född i Eritrea, bosatt i Stockholm, åtalad i USA

Eritreanen Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed med
permanent uppehållstillstånd i Sverige och
skriven i Stockholm greps nyligen i Nigeria för
terrorism och utlämnades på lördagen till USA.
Där åtalas han nu för att ha genomgått terrorist-
utbildning hos Al Shabaab i Somalia och för att
hjälpt islamisterna med militär utrustning.

Mr. Ahmed, who was sent to New York on Saturday

after being arrested in the West African country of

Nigeria, is charged with providing and conspiring to

provide material support to the militant Somali group,

Al Shabab, which the State Department has listed as

a terrorist group.

He's also charged with receiving and conspiring to

receive military-type "jihad training" from Al Shabab,

which has recently sworn allegiance to Al Qaeda.

US prosecutors say Ahmed is believed to be a

citizen of the tiny East African country of Eritrea,

who lived in Sweden, and that he learned to make

bombs in Somalia.


Eritrea is the bitter enemy of Ethiopia, which

occupied neighboring Somalia for more than

a year after a US-backed Dec. 2007 invasion

to wrest control of the country from militant


In an enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend calculation,

Eritrea has for years supported Al Shabab, at least

according to the US government and most

independent Western analysts.


During her trip to Africa in August, Secretary of

State Hillary Clinton warned that the US would

"take action" against Eritrea if it does not stop

supporting Al Shabab's efforts to overthrow the

weak, Western-backed transitional government

in Somalia.

"It is long past time for Eritrea to cease and

desist its support of Al Shabab and to start

being a productive rather than a destabilizing

neighbor," she said.

"We are making it very clear that their actions

are unacceptable." (Christian Science Monitor)